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Pre-Health Program

Our pre-health program is specially catered to students preparing for medical school and other health professions. During the course of the trip, volunteers explore health, hygiene, and nutrition in the developing world. We have the ability to cater the experience in Africa to medical school, dental school, nursing school, and other pre-health career needs.

Volunteers gain valuable first-hand experience in clinics, orphanages, and communities. We will be happy to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf at the end of your service.

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2018 Dates:

Session 1 / Pre-Health
May 30—June 13, 2018

Session 2 / Pre-Health
Aug 1—14, 2018

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What opportunities does this program offer?

Join in Projects


According to the needs of each community, volunteers participate with those in the village to develop clinics, schools, water lines, latrines, and other necessary facilities. In most cases, Marafiki Africa contributes half of the project costs while the community rallies together to contribute the other half.

 Work in Clinics


Our team works with local medical staff to teach the importance of hygiene, nutrition, and healthy habits. Volunteers learn about local illness and health concerns facing remote communities. Volunteers also participate in campaigns with the ministry of health to help people in the farthest reaches of the bush.

Join the Community


Attend village celebrations, traditional weddings, and other gatherings. Villagers always welcome our teams with love and gratitude into their homes and community activities. Some of our volunteers have even become Masaai warriors!

Experience a Safari


Experience Africa’s top-rated safari on the Serengeti. Volunteers enjoy seeing lions, elephants, wildebeests, giraffes, and much more as they go on a multiple day safari through the great African plains.