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General Service Program

Volunteers participate in the development of impoverished communities in East Africa by partnering with village leadership and the community. In most cases, leadership in remote areas seek help in accomplishing their goals for education, health, and business but often lack sufficient resources and expertise to achieve those goals.

Marafiki Africa volunteers help them to achieve their goals and experience the rich culture of East African tribes.

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2018 Dates:

Session 1 / General Service
May 30—Jun 13, 2018

Session 2 / General Service
Aug 1-14, 2018

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Join in Projects


According to the needs of each community, volunteers participate with those in the village to develop clinics, schools, water lines, latrines, and other necessary facilities. In most cases, Marafiki Africa contributes half of the project costs while the community rallies together to contribute the other half.

Promote Education


Volunteers work with the ministry of education to help community schools build classrooms, staff homes, and other essential school facilities. They also work with educated community members to distribute school supplies and speak to large groups of students about the importance of education.

Join the Community


Volunteers attend village celebrations, traditional weddings, and other gatherings. Villagers always welcome our teams with love and gratitude into their homes and community activities. Some of our volunteers have even become Masaai warriors!

Experience a Safari


Volunteers experience Africa’s top-rated safari on the Serengeti. Volunteers enjoy seeing lions, elephants, wildebeests, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards, and much more as they go on a multiple day safari through the great African plains.