I Never Wanted that Day to End

My humanitarian trip to Tanzania was one of my most valuable educational experiences. I had the unique opportunity to lead the science demonstrations at the city school for orphans and with the help of an interpreter, I spoke to over two hundred school children about the importance of their education. I based my message on the phrase “you can count the seeds in an orange, but you cannot count the oranges in a seed,” to help them realize the impact their decisions would have on future generations.

I had so much fun spending the afternoon playing with those children. Even though I could not speak their language, I could see their personality traits, such as shyness or assertiveness, and I tried to help all of them feel included. I enjoyed watching their bewilderment as they saw the way a Frisbee curves and their excitement when they learned to throw it correctly. I never wanted that day to end.

—Wesley Morgan, 2015 Volunteer