I Had Never Been Happier

As we rode away in the back of the old pickup truck, Jacinta’s words played over again in my mind. “You go back and show them what a hard-working lady you are.” I certainly didn’t feel much like a “lady” at that point. My clothes, hair and skin were caked in layers of cement and I hadn’t showered in a week. And yet, I realized that I had never been happier.


The Ultimate Form of Gratitude

After a morning of tracking an elephant with a Samburu warrior, an afternoon of treating patients with the nurse in the only medical clinic for miles and miles, and an early evening of tiling the maternity ward, the chief’s son arrived to our camp in a pick-up, ready to give us the African cultural experience of a life time. READ MORE

The Most Significant Moment of My Life

How is it possible that I miss the bucket showers and everything else? I miss it.

I got back home, got right into my summer sales job trying to sell some useless thing to people who already have everything. I was walking around today in neighborhoods with people who drive cars that cost more than most people in East Africa make in their entire lives. I need to get back—and I need to show people what we saw.


Nothing Has Been the Same

One of my favorite experiences in East Africa was the time spent with the children in the Osiligi orphanage. The moment we arrived to the orphanage, the children circled us with affectionate greetings. They smiled brightly like they already knew us.  Their English was not perfect, but their diligence in greeting us was.  We spent two hours there, and those two hours taught me one very important thing—that happiness was a choice. READ MORE